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Questions and answers

Här har vi samlat dom vanligaste frågorna vi får till Club Adam & Eva om swingers, samt svaren på dom. Hittar ni inte svaret på vad ni undrar över så tveka inte att skicka ett mail till oss på info@clubadamoeva.se

There is no requirement for nudity. In the bar you can wear ordinary clothes, but if you are going to be in the playrooms, you should be lightly dressed (sexy lingerie, etc.) or be naked.

No one needs to have sex, but everything is voluntary and up to yourself. Most of our new visitors usually have sex with their own partner.

We have lockable cabinets for clothes, mobile phone etc. The key to the cabinet is left in the bar. As a guest, you get a ribbon with a cabinet number on which you put around the wrist. (However, we are not responsible for valuables)

Our guests are both young and old, so you always meet someone at your own age.

Our opening hours are 21: 00-02: 00, the entrance is open until 23:30, after that it is not possible to enter the club. We recommend new guests to arrive early in the evening.

If you meet someone you know at the club, you are actually there in the same matter. One of our rules is that you are not allowed to talk about who you meet at the club with other people.

Most girls usually dress in something a little sexier, such as "they want to have to a dinner party but don´t dare". The guys in shirts, and proper trousers.

We accept both cash and cards (not American Express)

Of course we always have freshly washed towels for all our guests.

We assume that you want to have safe sex and condoms are always available in all rooms.

We offer all new visitors both information and a tour of the club. We want you to take part of it so you get all information about the club and have the opportunity to ask questions to the staff.

You send an email to info@clubadamoeva.se where you thell us that this is your first visit to Club Adam & Eva. Don´t forget to mention that this is the first visit in the email so we can send you some additional information.

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