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Information before the visit

  • Couples and single girls are always welcome
  • Guest visitors must always pre-register via email before visiting
  • Single guys are welcome mix nights and must be members
  • Condoms and towels are available at the club.
  • We have lockable cabinets where you can leave clothes and mobile
  • The club is not responsible for valuables
  • Always look in the calendar before visiting, so you know what kind of evening it is
  • Read the rules before the visit

Our opening hours are:
Fredag: Stängt tillsvidare
Lördag: Stängt tillsvidare


  • With us, confidentiality applies. Do not talk about what is happening at the club, neither outside the club nor among the members. No names may be mentioned outside the club.
  • A No is a No and must be unconditionally respected by everyone.
  • För allas bekvämlighet ska alla gäster som vistas i relaxdelen och i ”lekrummen” vara lite mer lättklädda. Dock inget krav på helt naket men gärna sexiga och utmanande underkläder alternativt bar över/underkropp.  Under temafester kan annan dresscode gälla. Detta framgår i sådant fall i festannonsen.
  • It is not allowed to bring your own drink into the playrooms
  • The sale of drugs or sexual services is strictly prohibited and will lead to immediate suspension and reported to the police.
  • Disturbing persons will be rejected without refund of entry. In the event of repeated rejections, suspension will take place. Any membership fee paid will not be refunded
  • All forms of photographic equipment and mobile phones are prohibited in the club.
  • Åldersgräns 23 år
  • At our prepaid parties, half of the amount will be refunded when you cancel 14 days before. If canceled 7 or less days before, no refund will be made. All possible refunds are always made after the party


If you want to become a member
Becoming a member of Club Adam & Eva is easy. However, it is a little different depending on whether you are a couple, a girl or a single guy who applies.

Couples and girls
Send an email to the club med era namn och en kort beskrivning av er själva. Sedan får ni ett mail med instruktioner.

Singelkillar- Vi tar inte mot nya ansökningar för tillfället
Send an email to then you get an invitation to a test night -Audition Night Applicants must be between 25-50 years, and have good social skills.

In the application email we want you to write (single guys)

  • Age
  • First and last name
  • A picture of yourself (a good-looking face picture)
  • Tell us about yourself
  • Previous experience of the swingers world
  • What do you expect from a visit to CAE

The club reserves the right to decide who can become a member.


Medlemmar 350kr/person
Gäster 450kr/person

Festkvällar är det obligatorisk förskottsbetalning. På våra fester med förskottsbetalning gäller inga fribiljetter, rabattkuponger eller motsvarande

Membership fee

Medlemsavgiften gäller för 12 månader från betalningsdatum, och betalas med Swish efter godkänd medlemsansökan. 
Couples 600:-
Single guys 600:-
Girl 350:-
Mix: 1200: - Mixed membership is for those couples who want to come as singles as well. This is to avoid having double membership. Contact the club for more info on mixed membership.


For our guests at Club Adam & Eva, we collaborate with hotels in central Norrköping.
If you plan to stay in a hotel during a visit to Club Adam and Eva, write it in the registration email and you will receive a booking code to receive the prices below. This applies to all weekends, regardless of event.

First Hotel Central

SEK 795 / night - Standard double room
SEK 1495/2 nights - Standard double room (Must be booked at the same time)
Relaxation department included

Nya Rådstugugatan 16
60 242, Norrköping
Tel: +46 (0)11 495 32 10

Hotel President

Standard Double Room (2 people) SEK 795 / night
Standard Double Room (2 personer) Helgpaket 2 nätter 1495kr
Superior Double Room (2 people) SEK 1095 / night
Superior Double Room (2 people) Weekend package 2 nights SEK 2095

Hotel President
Vattengränden 11
602 22 Norrköping

Tel +46 (0)11 12 95 20


Our own meeting place on the Internet. Here you can make contacts, share photos, find events and more. CAE Members shall be a safe meeting place for members of Club Adam & Eva

Applying for CAE Members
How to apply for CAE Membership:

  • Send an email to with the following content:
  • Clear photo on your membership card.
  • First and last name of you who are on the membership card. Couples must enclose both of their full names.
  • Membership type. Single guy, girl or couple (mixed membership is registered as a couple).
  • E-mail address to be used for registration of the profile. Must be a valid email address.
  • Nickname for your profile. May only contain a-z and 0-9 (no special characters are allowed)

All the above info must be complete for CAE to handle your application.

After CAE has reviewed the information, we will create an account for you. You will then receive an answer via email with instructions on how to log in to CAE Members

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