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Information before the visit

  • Couples and single girls are always welcome
  • Guest visitors must always pre-register via email before visiting
  • Single guys are welcome mix nights and must be members
  • Condoms and towels are available at the club.
  • We have lockable cabinets where you can leave clothes and mobile
  • The club is not responsible for valuables
  • Always look in the calendar before visiting, so you know what kind of evening it is
  • Read the rules before the visit

Our opening hours are:
Friday: See calendar
Saturday: See calendar
Söndag: Se kalender


  • With us, confidentiality applies. Do not talk about what is happening at the club, neither outside the club nor among the members. No names may be mentioned outside the club.
  • A No is a No and must be unconditionally respected by everyone.
  • For everyone's convenience, all guests staying in the relaxation area and in the "playrooms" should be lightly dressed. However, there is no requirement for complete nudity, but preferably sexy and challenging lingerie or bare upper / lower body. During theme parties, a different dress code may apply. This is stated in such a case in the party advertisement.
  • It is not allowed to bring your own drink into the playrooms
  • The sale of drugs or sexual services is strictly prohibited and will lead to immediate suspension and reported to the police.
  • Disturbing persons will be rejected without refund of entry. In the event of repeated rejections, suspension will take place. Any membership fee paid will not be refunded
  • All forms of photographic equipment and mobile phones are prohibited in the club.
  • You must be at least 23 years old to visit the club
  • När ni kommer som ett par, så uppträder ni som ett par, dvs killen agerar inte som om han vore där utan partner. (Ni kommer som ett, uppträder som ett par, lämnar klubben som ett par)


If you want to become a member
Becoming a member of Club Adam & Eva is easy. However, it is a little different depending on whether you are a couple, a girl or a single guy who applies.

Couples and girls
Send an email to the club with your name and a short description of yourself. You will then receive an email with instructions. (Par & tjejer kan även besöka klubben som gäster utan att vara medlemmar)

Single guys
Send an email to then you get an invitation to a test night -Audition Night Applicants must be between 25-50 years, and have good social skills.

In the application email we want you to write (single guys)

  • Age
  • First and last name
  • A picture of yourself (a good-looking face picture)
  • Tell us about yourself
  • Previous experience of the swingers world
  • What do you expect from a visit to CAE
  • That you are well aware of what is expected of a single guy at a swingers club
  • That you have read and understood the rules

The club reserves the right to decide who can become a member.
Ofullständigt ifylld ansökan behandlas ej 

Entrance fee

Fredag/Lördag medlemmar 350kr/person
Fredag/Lördag gäster 450kr/person
Torsdagar (Club Adam) 250kr/person
Par och tjejer kan besöka oss som gäster, singelkillar måste vara medlemmar. På torsdagar (Club Adam) krävs inget medlemskap

Weekend entrance (Friday & Saturday, payment on Friday)
Members 500 SEK / per person
Members 600 SEK / per person
NOTE: This applies if you are visiting us on both Friday and Saturday.
Går inte att lösa i efterskott på lördagen.
(Does not apply when we have special arrangements on Saturday/Friday)

At some of our theme parties, the price may be different from our normal prices

Party evenings are a mandatory advance payment. At our parties with advance payment, no free tickets, discount coupons or the like apply

Membership fee

The membership fee is valid for 12 months from the payment date, and is paid with Swish after the approved membership application. 
Couples 600:-
Single guys 1000:- *
Girl 350:-
Mix: Mix membership is for those couples who want to come as singles as well. This is to avoid having double membership.

We are very restrictive with which couples who can get a mix membership. If you want to know more, send an email and we will explain everything for you.

Om medlemskortet inte förnyas inom 12 månader efter utgångsdatum så förfaller medlemskapet, och går inte att förnya.



For our guests at Club Adam & Eva, we collaborate with hotels in central Norrköping.
If you plan to stay in a hotel when you visit Club Adam and Eva, send an email and you will receive a booking code to receive the prices below. This applies to all weekends, regardless of event

First Hotel Central

895 kr/natt  Standard double room
Relaxation department included

Nya Rådstugugatan 16
60 242, Norrköping

Hotel President

Dubbelrum Standard (2 pers) – 845  kr/natt
(with one 140 cm wide bed) 
Twin rum (2 pers) – SEK 945/night
(with two 90 cm beds) 
Dubbelrum Superior (2 pers) – SEK 1245/night
(with two 90 cm beds and a sofa bed) 
Enkelrum – 745 kr/natt

Hotel President
Vattengränden 11
602 22 Norrköping


Our own meeting place on the Internet. Here you can make contacts, share photos, find events and more. CAE Members shall be a safe meeting place for members of Club Adam & Eva

Applying for CAE Members
How to apply for CAE Membership:

  • Send an email to with the following content:
  • Clear photo on your membership card.
  • First and last name of you who are on the membership card. Couples must enclose both of their full names.
  • Membership type. Single guy, girl or couple (mixed membership is registered as a couple).
  • E-mail address to be used for registration of the profile. Must be a valid email address.
  • Nickname for your profile. May only contain a-z and 0-9 (no special characters are allowed)

All the above info must be complete for CAE to handle your application.

After CAE has reviewed the information, we will create an account for you. You will then receive an answer via email with instructions on how to log in to CAE Members

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